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We expect you can get all the tips for your vehicle questions.

Feel free to riff through the categories to encounter the quintessential auto wisdom like original fitment information, requirements, outlines, DIY tips, buyer guides, as well as smart strategies.
Our automotive database is substantially wide as well as disparate to coordinate all sorts of constructive things.

We do all this work of digging up and also checking automotive tips with a single thing in our hearts.

And that is providing a convenient site that cherishes automobile gearheads all around the world and bestows really important details whenever they want to have it.


Our ambition is to achieve a web resource that includes all the most required concerns an automobile enthusiast may create about this special niche. We intend to come to be a multimedia sidekick you would likely go to for a piece of tips and advice with regards to resolving technical conditions, replacing tools, and even taking into consideration an upgrade.

There is still a long way to go nevertheless each day pushes us closer to attaining that aim.

We continue to work with spreading out and also revising our auto data bank by adding in updated great attributes, revising charts on motor vehicle versions and even trim levels, as well as building all new sections.

Right now, you can spot unique informative hints on our web site:

  • motor vehicle specs by make, model, as well as the year,
  • useful techniques plus life hacks you can put to use,
  • tips best suited for precise models and trim levels,
  • do-it-yourself, repair and maintenance, deciding upon, alternative, together with maintenance manuals.
As long as we would like that to come about, our internet site can not turn you into the know-it-all mechanic specialist.

Although, it will surely spare you a great deal of energy on browsing and guide you to skip certain obnoxious outcomes.

Most likely those issues begin from improper sizing or incompatibility, and that is literally why we supported our guides with efficient graphs full of sizes for every version, year, and trim.

There is rarely something like a one-fits-all design amongst car replacement parts or extras.

If you are not sure about something that captured your interest do not wait to come around our website to discover if that item fits your vehicle.

Our project was established strictly for descriptive goals.

We want to make a practical experience not sweat to find and is easy to use.

We do not advertise goods or professional services, this is not our purpose.

All we are interested in is preparing quality answers on the issues that might oftentimes be constructive to our guests.

Why trust us

We have indeed been enticed with the subject for several years while working in the automotive sector.

And in the course of that time, we loaded up important know-how and knowledge base.

Besides, we do not intend to hinder.

Accordingly, our exploration along with evaluation hardly ever quite ends.

Our predominant providers of particulars are all legitimate suppliers, designers, as well as technicians.

However, that doesn't imply that we take all the facts at face value.

With so much data arising from all angles, we have stumbled upon our fact-checking schemes to sift through every piece of information with care.

Data source

To comply with our commitments, we merely relate to internet sites or guides provided by ethical suppliers including

  • authoritative auto companies' websites
  • official auto and transportation establishments run by the state
  • datasheets and data by creators.
Some of our relevant information is written by the members who chose to bestow their discovery.

It is usually tagged as "user-generated content."

We applaud your willingness to share your observations as well as pointers with society.

Our Philosophy

We stand by our "set of laws" that instructs in what manner we treat the job and communications:

  • Reader experience comes first.
  • Right numbers are the main ingredient of our work.
  • No spam. Appreciate other users as well as their time.
  • Freshness is crucial to high quality.
  • " Viewers first" is the essence of every article.
  • Not harm.

Founder story

This site advances with the help of our cool crew led by Keith Cook, the owner.

He began this work as a means to share his deep-rooted interest in motor vehicles with the automotive community.

As an auto hobbyist and also a technology admirer, he has been tinkering with autos since he was 24 when he received his first of all vehicle - an old Honda Civic.

He is a competent automobile technician.

He knows his way around the repair shop. His deep practical experience along with years of work in the niche helps him to gather web content that is both particular and user-friendly.

How We Make Money

Because we are not showcasing products or support services, our website earns income from media adverts together with tips.

We can obtain a little percentage if visitors choose to purchase a certain product after clicking an affiliate link. At no extra cost.

Regardless, we do not advertise those tips and do not take fees from companies to recommend their parts and accessories on our blog.

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Our mission is to grant clarity together with common recognition.

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